Giacomo Arisi

Arisi firm, originally a family owned oil-mill, is placed in the North-West of Italy, near the frontline with France.
In 1958 Giacomo Arisi enlarged the range of products to include Italian typical sauces for pasta.
Now we have valued customers in 19 countries, besides Italy.
These customers include retail, foodservice, private label for chain stores.

Over the last few years our company has carried out a project to expand the production building and to purchase new production equipment, co-funded with the resources of the PSR Liguria 2014-2020 under the sub-measure 4.2) Support for investments in the processing, marketing and development of agricultural products.
The objective of the investment is to consolidate relationships with usual customers and reach new markets by being able to propose a new product, improved in terms of quality and with greater guarantees of conservation.


Pasteurization section of the sauces production factory