All our products are pasteurized with a shelf life of two years. Our firm operate with the strictest hygiene standards, having in place HACCP Plan. The continue and correct application of HACCP Plan is further on checked by external biological laboratories authorized by the Ministry of Public Health. Particular attention is put on the controls of raw material to avoid the presence of anti-parasitical, aflatoxines, ingredients genetically modified, strict limits are also placed on the total microbiological count of them.
For the olive leaf extract HPLC phenolic profile is available for every batch.

Organic Chickpeas Puree
Organic Olive Puree
Organic Sun Dried Tomato Puree
Organic Italian Garlic Puree
Oleacein (3,4-DHPEA-EDA)
Glycerol concentrated extract olive leaf polyphenols
Typical Italian Sauces for Pasta
Pesto alla Genovese
Red Pesto
Tomato sauce with courgettes & aubergines
Tomato sauce with basil
Tomato sauce with mushrooms & peppers
Tomato sauce with onions & garlic
Tomato sauce with chili & herbs
Specialty Products
Garlic puree
Chili puree
Basil puree
Dried tomato in oil
Dried tomato puree
Sweet pepper puree
Black olive puree
Green olive puree